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Some Area Attractions
You might like to visit

Located 8 miles, northeast of Ely, MN there are a variety of activities only a short drive away.

Wolves of Portage

International Wolf Center

Did you know that red wolves are larger than coyotes and smaller than gray wolves or that red wolf packs are generally smaller than gray wolf packs? Find out much more about these interesting and intelligent species at the International Wolf Center.

Bears of Portage Trails

North American Bear Center

Wolves not your thing? Visit the North American Bear Center to find out why male bears can lose over 100lbs over the winter months, and to see bears live in captivity.

Luxury Cabins at Portage Trails

Dorothy Molter Museum

Known as the Root Beer Lady, take a guided tour of the home of the last resident of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Find out why she was a beloved host to countless travelers prior to 1987.